Admissions & Housing

The Midwest Shelter’s Larson Home

The Marine LCpl. Nicholas Larson Home provides transitional housing and supportive services to U.S. Veterans of any era who meet the following criteria.  

  • One day of active duty service is required
  • Greater than dishonorable military discharge
  • Admission is not contingent on having a period of abstention from drugs and/or alcohol prior to enrollment
  • No convictions for violent crimes within the last 5 years
  • No convictions for sex-related crimes

Length of stay at the Larson Home, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, varies depending on the model of programming a veteran is enrolled in. 

Contact our Intake Coordinator at 630-871-8387 to complete an application.

The Midwest Shelter’s Affordable Housing

The Army SSgt. Robert J. Miller Home and Tammy's Trace provide affordable housing to low-income, single male and female veterans, respectively.  The Miller Home includes one unit that is ADA accessible.  

Veterans must meet income guidelines, have stable employment or income to pay rent and agree to maintain a sober lifestyle while a resident.  Support services including counseling, case management, and employment services are available to assist veterans with improving their overall quality of life.  
Wait-lists are currently open for both programs. Please contact our Intake Coordinator at 630-871-8387 to complete an application.